Shelby Perry

Artist + Illustrator

Shelby is a 26 year old illustrator and designer currently residing in Houston, Texas. This page documents her portfolio of artwork.

Shelby Perry

Shelby Perry is a 26 year old queer illustrator and designer who grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She graduated in 2021 with her Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Illustration from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. She is passionate about making art and hopes to inspire people with her artmaking. Shelby uses She/They pronouns.Currently resides on Karankawa/Coahuiltecan/Atakapa-Ishak/Sana occupied land of Houston, Texas.

Client Testimonials

"Shelby is a wonderful artist, very talented. The commission process with them is very smooth and simple, not a hassle at all, and the wait time for such a detailed commission was not long at all! I highly recommend buying or commissioning any art from this person :) I hope to be able to commission again some day!"
- Steph L.

"I commissioned Shelby to create a portrait of my D&D character for a campaign I’m in. We talked about what I wanted and in a few days it was finished! I requested a small change and that was done almost immediately! Super easy to work with and very professional and of course the art itself is magnificent! Shelby is wonderful to work with and I look forward to commissioning them again!"
- Thyme V.

"Shelby designed and delivered a portrait of my little family as a Christmas gift to my partner. Communication with her was so easy and all I had to do was send her pictures as references for the portrait. A few weeks later, I had my portrait! A total reasonable turnaround for a custom portrait by a talented designer with a distinctive style. Shelby is kind and approachable with a super competitive rate. Thank you, Shelby!"
- Kandace Little

“Shelby created a fantastic space-themed artwork of my two cockatiels. They were a pleasure to engage with and such a nice person. They took a concept I had and turned it into something I never imagined existed until she drew it. Shelby, thank you so much for everything you've done for me. Shelby comes highly recommended by me for any commissions you may want.”